How does the distribution of consumption vouchers take place?

Edenred delivers your paper cheques to the address mentioned at the time of ordering.

Once received, it is your responsibility to distribute them to your employees according to your internal processes.

NB : If you are already an Edenred customer for another product, you will not need to indicate your delivery address: we automatically take  the same delivery address specified in your contract. 


To keep track of the cheques delivery to your employees, make them sign a submission form or logbook.

In case of nominative order*

If you have placed a nominative order, a submission form is sent to you by e-mail the day before the delivery of the paper cheques. You can freely use it to facilitate the administrative follow-up of the distribution.

The individual envelopes will also be sorted out according to the sequence you have encoded your employees.

* A nominative order allows you to indicate the name + first name of the employees who will receive the cheques. This information will then be included on the first cheque in their envelope (which is worthless) as well as on the submission form.

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