How do I order Consumption Cheques?

1. Create your order :

Online :
Best way to order for a limited number of employees.
- Go to this order form
- Fill in the required fields
- Validate your order
Per pre-filled file :
Best way to pass an order for a larger number of employees.
- Go to the order page on
- Download the pre-filled Excel file
- Fill in the fields to be completed
- Upload the completed file

You have the choice between a nominative or non nominative order:

  • Nominative order: A nominative order allows you to indicate the name + first name of the employees who will receive the cheques. These informations will be included on the first cheque in their envelope (which is worthless) as well as on the submission form. You will receive the envelopes sorted out according to sequence you have encoded your collaborators.
  • Non-nominative order: you choose to receive the cheques without names mentioned on the envelope. Therefore do not need to provide us the name + first name of your employees.

2. Check out your order:

As soon as you have validated your order, we will send you a confirmation. Then, there are 2 situations according to your method of payment:

Prepaid payment :
- You will receive a payment request
- Pay for the order using the correct structured communication
- As soon as we receive your payment, we will send you the confirmation of the production of the ordered paper cheques.
Postpaid payment:
- You will directly receive the confirmation of the production for the ordered paper cheques

3. Delivery and distribution of the cheques:

We print your paper cheques and deliver them to you within 6 working days by secure courier to the address you have mentioned.

NB : If you are already an Edenred customer for another product, you will not need to indicate your delivery address: we automatically take the same delivery address mentioned in your contract.

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