Where do I find My invoice

Follow the steps below to download your invoice on CORTEX:

    1. Go to: https://ticketonline.edenred.be/login.aspx?qryLanguage=nl-BE
    2. Insert your "login" and "password"  
    3. Click on "Consult electronic invoices" in the left corner menu below 
    4. You are automatically redirected to your Bizmail 
    5. Via Bizmail you can access your accounting documents
    6. Not opened documents have the status "New" 
    7. Open the document by clicking on the envelope or the subject of the message 
    8. The following screen will appear: 

    9. Once the invoice is consulted the status will change to "viewed" 


In case you have lost your "Password", click on "Find My Password" to recover your password.

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